Here are the highlights of the upcoming episodes from October 24 to 28, 2023 of the popular drama, 7 Street.

7de Laan broadcasts on SABC2 Monday through Friday at 18:00.

Monday 24 October 2023

Bonita and Sidy find Uwais’ behavior strange. Vicani is occupied with his thoughts while Alexa tries to distract him but fails miserably.

Tuesday 25 October 2023

Aji has to make a difficult decision. Denzel realizes too late that he said more than he should have said when he spoke to Vanessa.

Wednesday 26 October 2023

Alexa warns Amory not to publish news that might put her in trouble. Things get steamy between Werner and Tanya in the elevator.

Thursday 27 October 2023

Zee’s conscience prompts him to confess to Aggie. Chris gives El Fakani parenting advice.

Friday 28 October 2023

Werner admits to Tanya that he still has nightmares about his ordeal but assures her that he is under control. Chris and Amory realize they are out of their heads.